Renlive Dry Sensitive

Dry and Sensitive skin is not a skin type which is restricted to a few people, everybody can experience sensitive skin at some stage in their life. Weather, air conditioning, pollution, life style and stress, are just few of the factors effecting the skin. Skin sensitivity can vary between different skin types and ethnicities but it can affect all of us. There is a difference in what triggers skin to become sensitive and how skin reacts or feels can be different.

Caucasian skin tends to have more visual symptoms and can be more sensitive to changes in climate such as wind, Asian skin is more likely to react to certain foods such as spicy foods whereas black skin is less sensitive to UV light because it contains more melanin. Renlive Dry and Sensitive skin products is specifically designed for sensitive skin. Developed with a latest generation ingredients, all selected for their gentleness and effectiveness, these skin formulations leave sensitive skin perfectly clean, comfortable and nourished. Free from parabens, fragrance and colouring agents.

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