Renlive Suncare

In the past fair skin was a sign of high social status, as opposed to darker skin, characteristic of a hard working life people. Today, tanned skin is synonymous of health, youth and beauty, and evokes holiday pictures , relaxation and wellness.

At the same time, thanks to the spread of information on the potential damage caused by sun exposure, people are increasingly aware of the importance that sunscreen products assume in protecting the skin from damage induced by ultraviolet rays, preferring a gradual and lasting tan, thus preserving the skin health.

Protection used in the formulations from the Solari Renlive line have been developed using the most advanced filters, to ensure maximum protection, paying close attention to the selection of active ingredients to provide additional benefits to the skin. An effective and lasting protection from the damage caused by the sun, developed in different type of formulations to meet the needs of different skin types. All products contain photostable UVA and UVB filters, highly effective against the sun's rays and specific ingredients for the skin cell protection, and many of the products offer DNA protection. All formulas have a light texture, are easy to apply and absorbs quickly. Only selected active ingredients with proven efficacy and tolerability are used.

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