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Ecco perché sceglierci! - Here are 19 reasons to choose us!

We know the history of our machines: from the components installed to the hydraulic and electrical cabinets, up to all the technical and design documentation. Here are 19 reasons to choose us!

1. Body
Our shells and our handpieces are in ABS - M30 I, because it's safe over time, does not release toxic substances and guarantees thermal and electrical insulation.

2. Electrical circuits
All mechanical and electronic components respond to European legislation RhOS which guarantees a quality on components only after many stress tests.

3. Circuit boards
They are high-performance and long-lived technologies, provide stability and require low maintenance, essential characteristics to place high-level medical devices on the market.

4. Steel
The Steel that we use, Aisi 316/304, is the only one that has shown stability over time and ensures high performance.

5. Radiators
These are key components for our technologies. The temperature inside the equipment is always below the safety parameters to prevent wear from intense use or warm environments.

6. Tanks
They're one of the most delicate elements. The tanks are subjected to the pickling process to provide a product that does not release residues and maintains high quality characteristics.

7. Driver
It is an exclusive and highly technological patent. It allows us to be the only ones to exploit multiple technologies managed by a single platform. It is the result of 3 years of research, development, experimentation and constant monitoring of performance.

8. Optical cavities
They are designed and producted internally with high technology instrumentation.

9. Handpieces
"Zero-meter" producted, as they are created independently in our premises through the use of 3D printing technology. Compared to production in series, the advantage is that we can constantly upgrade the product, aiming for perfection thanks also to the constant feedback from our clients. The innovative material is medical certified, resistant, elastic and with high performance standards.

10. Mechanical parts
Latest generation products using certified and qualified raw materials that give to all the pieces a great performance in the use of technologies that make it an exclusive and unique product.

11. Energy refracting
An innovation which, although it is very demanding, has made it possible to have more energy and more power for certain results required in an increasingly selective market.

12. Metal carpentry
A "poor" product compared to all others, but conformed to RhOS legislation. Using the genius of creative people in the company, this component also has an Italian-Style design.

13. Plexiglass supports
These are accessories, but they are made with attention to detail which makes these products different from others similar, since the resistance and hardness of the latter are reliable.

14. Fluid-dynamic pumps
They are high efficient pumps that guarantee high performance in the cooling system. They are placed within our technologies to ensure constant efficiency.

15. Vacuum pumps
They are a mechanical device used to create and maintain the vacuum, which is essential for optimal could treatments. The innovative membrane process instead of piston makes them unique.

16. Transducers
It is the exit terminals that emit useful energy to make treatments; these products are in constant develop to ensure the best performance of our technologies. Aisi medical steel heads permit constant energy emission.

17. Anticorodal aluminium 
A set of metal alloys, among the most precious and pure, to obtain a product of excellent mechanical properties, with exceptional resistance to corrosion while maintaining the effectiveness over time.

18. Paints
Through a study carried out in the years by professionals it is proven that our technologies ensure a considerable length of time for the painting process that has been studied in every detail because we use only certified paint, based on water without harmful substances such as solvents. 

19. Certifications
The quality standards required for medical devices and attention to safety rules have a significant role in our corporate policy, all of our medical products maintain a very high standard to obtain and maintain certifications for which they are qualified. In order to certify quality, Biotec Italia adheres to the product Tüv Rheinland product safety and quality certification. It ensures that products have exceeded the quality requirements for the guidelines, definition and procedures managed through forms and prints.

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