hifu Finesse

Non-surgical Face Lift and Body Sculpting

Among the technologies used in skin rejuvenation, HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is considered to be one of the most effective modalities currently available.
Powered by state-of-the-art latest generation HIFU technology, FINESSE has proven to safely, effectively and non-invasively achieve skin tightening on face and neck and contouring on the body, while keeping side effects and downtime to a minimum.


Exact thermal effect
Each cartridge delivers its energy precisely in the skin where is needed, according to targeted area with more than 65°C coagulation point.

Adjustable scanning system
Robotic technology allows to select line length and pulse delay contributing to easy control of energy density and fluence to the tissue.

Unique applicator design and high speed pulse repetition
FINESSE’s futuristic slim cartridge design speed up procedure time. Slim cartridge provides a wide field of view for easier treatment area visibility.


Face Sculpting


  • Forehead wrinkle
  • Eye brow
  • Wrinkle lifting
  • Cheek
  • V-line forming
  • Neck wrinkle
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Body sculpting


  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Thigh
  • Lower leg
  • Ankle
  • Arm
  • Flank
  • Hip
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Voltage Supply 240VAC 50-60 Hz
200 W
Max Power: 100W
Energy: 0.4-2.0J
Pulse duration: 10-100ms adjust step 10
Pulse delay: 1-5 mm step 1mm
Mode: Partial/whole scanning
Scanning length: 10/30mm
Scanning speed: 10mm/1sec. 40mm/2sec.
Cartridge 2 MHz: Focal depth 6mm
Cartridge 2 MHz: Focal depth 9mm
Cartridge 4 MHz:
Focal depth 4,5mm
Cartridge 7MHz: Focal depth 1,5mm
Cartridge 7MHz: Focal depth 3mm
Focus diameter: <4mm Cartridge
life span: 20,000 lines
Dimensions 700(W) x 500(D) x 1300(H) mm 
Weight: 45kg


hifu Finesse