Expanded technologies spectrum for state-of-the-art  skin rejuvenation and transdermal delivery

Intraject is a syringe-like device and virtual scalpel that combines the action of Fractional Radiofrequency, Electroporation and Soft surgery using Plasma Microablation.

Intraject consists of three generators that operate in different frequency and pulse mode, controlled by a very
sophisticated software.

The advantages of Electroporation on transdermal delivery

  • Clinically proven to work transdermal delivery and tissue activation for the vehiculation, the absorption of active elements through the skin
  • Increases efficiency in the delivery of active ingredients
  • Synergic action of electroporation and radiofrequency to expand the transdermal spectrum
  • Non invasive skin rejuvenation with transdermal delivery of PRP and fractional radiofrequency
  • It treats large areas in the same session, maintaining the quality of the transfer during the duration of the therapy
  • Smaller amounts of active ingredient required
  • Increases local concentration of active ingredients
  • Increases speed of action and result
  • Prolongs the efficacy of the active ingredients
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• Blepharoplasty (purely aesthetic)
• Lifting of face and neck (purely aesthetic)
• Lifting of excess skin of arms and abdomen (purely aesthetic)
• Onfalolifting - lifting of the umbilical region (purely aesthetic) 
• Stretch Marks (purely aesthetic)
• Acne (aesthetic medicine)
• Post-acne scars (aesthetic medicine)
• Scars and keloids (aesthetic medicine)
• Discoloration of the skin (purely aesthetic)
• Xanthelasmas (aesthetic medicine)
• Hyperpigmentation (aesthetic medicine)

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Technical Data

General Features
Main voltage  100÷240 Vac 50/60Hz
Power consumption 160W (operating mode)
Class and type I BF
Dimensions 400(W) x 400(D) x 220(H) mm
Weight 16 kg
Protection fuses 2x 2AF 250V
MesoWave - Monopolar RW, PW and DUO 
Category Device for external treatment of the skin with partial heat
Type Device for external treatment of the skin with partial heat by radiofrequency 
Mesowave handpiece functions RF Monopolar (RW), Electroporation (PW), combined RF and Electroporation (DUO) 
Handpiece accessories Roll-on dispenser, siringe 
RW frequency 500kHz
Wave type Sinusoidal amplitude modulated waveform Vpp=340V max with 200ohm load 
RW Max power emitted 150W 
RW functioning mode Continuous 
PW frequency 1kHz
Wave type Amplitude modulated waveform with continuous component Vpp=20V max with 200kohm load - Vdc 10V max with 1 kohm load)
PW Max power emitted 10W 
PW functioning mode Pulsed (3s on, 0,3s pause) 
Activation “Proceed” button and footswitch
Type Plasma generation through ionization of atmospheric gases (virtual electrode) 
Frequency 87.8 kHz
Wave type Sinusoidal amplitude modulated waveform Vpp=1800 Vmax with open load 
Max power emitted 60W 
functioning mode Continuous (pedal pressed) 
Activation “Proceed” button and footswitch