The work of an aesthetic medicine practitioner requires a clear understanding of the procedures, indications, patient selection and contraindications is as important as understanding the techniques involved and correct use of the technologies. As part of our services at Biotec Italia we are dedicated to providing the most accurate and up to date training on the use of the technology purchased. We aim to the highest quality of education while providing innovative ways to enhance your learning to help you get the very best out of the training programmes.



The academy is dedicated to teaching physicians and operators who have a scientific and clinical interests in our technologies and products. We teach the art, science, technique and hands-on training, and disseminate leading edge information gathered from around the world physicians that use our technologies and products. We are continuously seeking to help raise standards of know-how and skills through regular retraining courses and by organising medical and aesthetic congresses and ventures summits.


Our session of video conferencing helps customers all over the world to break geographical barriers and expand interaction potential by connecting our educators, physicians and field experts regardless of location. Using video collaboration technology, experts and other educators outside of the Academy can connect virtually and share expertise and experience regardless of location. This type of distance education allows customers to participate in new cultural and learning experiences that they may not have encountered in a traditional face to face training.
For example, rather than sitting and listening to a lecture on a specific scientific subject, via videoconferencing, customers can interact with other physicians or medical experts in the field to learn more about the subject. Customers are able to interact with these experts in real-time, and reap the benefits of virtual “hands-on” experience in many dierent environments that they would normally not have the ability to encounter. The opportunities for this type of collaboration using video conferencing is limitless and will continue to expand learning abilities worldwide.